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Blizzard of 2013

February 8th thru February 9th the snow fell. It took almost a week to clean the roads!!

This is the worst winter I can remember…and I have been around a looong time!!!

If I never see snow again…I will be a happy person!!!

Don’t Tell Me It Will Be Okay!

I’m going to use a word I reserve for winter…HATE!!


I hate the color gray. I hate the sunless gray sky that hangs over New England like a ceiling of dirty snow.

I hate the color brown. Everything is brown: the trees, the lawn, the big smudge on my black boots.

I hate the cold! Temperatures under 70 make me crazy.

I hate static electricity. I cannot wear the soft, fluffy, comfy fleece clothes other people wear to keep snuggy and warm.
Why? I accumulate static electricity…I am a walking shock machine. I cannot touch another person or door knob or light switch from October to May. If I do, my fingers explode with blue flames and I get an instant headache.

As a child growing up in Essex I could not enjoy ice skating on Sunset Pond. By the time I had laced up my skates my eyes were running, my nose was dripping, my fingers wouldn’t move and my toes were numb. Two turns around the pond and I was crying to go home.

I hate the snow! When the sun is out it is blinding to look out the window. When the snow lasts more than two days it turns a gray/black color that is an assault to the senses of a pastel loving person.

I am inconsolable…so don’t even try.
Don’t tell me it will be over soon. Oh no, it won’t!

You see, I won’t warm up until May. June will be a little better and I will really enjoy July and August.

But then it starts all over again: THE HATE.

So now if you hear I have moved to Florida you will not be surprised.

I will be doing it to eradicate the word HATE from my vocabulary.

This is what winter looks like in Florida: