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This is what I do when I am bored:

Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation

Being bored can be very expensive!! My mind immediately goes to: Get me outta here!!!

Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun

My preferred “getting outta here” place is on a cruise ship…see what I mean about expensive? However, since I have spent so much time researching “outta here” places, I have found a cruise to be the most bang-for-your-buck escape.

Money can be saved by cruising from a port close to home…mine is New York or New Jersey. That should save me money…right? Nope…I never wanted to drive and park so I always took a limo…yeah, not cheap!

Aaaanneeeway, it is still cheaper than flying to a resort, even the all inclusive ones.

The other way to become “unbored” is EAT!!!


Thanksgiving is a time when we tell each other what we are thankful for. For me it is the same, however, for me it is different too.

What I think of most on this Thanksgiving Day 2012 are the memories.

Last week at the bank the bank teller asked me if I was going to be cooking today. I snorted. The cook in our family was always Walter. During all 43 years of our married life he was the cook. I was the sous chef.

He made the most beautiful bird come out of the oven at exactly the right time: when everything else was piping hot.

He made the same stuffing that my grandmother made and that his grandmother made. And yes, we called it stuffing. Not dressing! He also made whipped mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, a different vegetables each year. He made the most flavorful, wonderful gravy! And of course in my family on the table was the oblong cut glass dish that held the wonderful cranberry sauce. I loved the process of opening the can at both ends, giving a little push and the swish plop, onto the plate. There you had the most perfect molded cranberry sauce with those beautiful rings around the middle. Aw, memories!

Some years he decided he didn’t want to cook. Those years we would go out to a restaurant. We would always dress-up fancy and act all hoity-toity.

One year while living in upstate New York we went to a very fancy restaurant in the stockade district of Schenectady.
It was a lovely Victorian restaurant and it served, according to my family, the absolute traditional Thanksgiving dinner. After moving back to Connecticut we also went to local restaurants such as the Copper Beech, the Blue Crab, Waters Edge, and Rosemary and Sage.

This is the second Thanksgiving that we will be spending without Walter. I am thankful for the memories.

Moderno Brazilian Restaurant

This is a photograph of Moderno, the Brazilian restaurant on the NCL Sun.

The restaurant is called a churrascaria (pronounced shoe-haas-kaa-reea).  It is a restaurant style that serves churrasco. Rodízio (pronounced hoe-geez-eo) is the style of a waiter taking meats on a skewer around to the tables.

I’m really didn’t mean to publish this post so quickly. I have to go back tonight and check with Sabrina on whether or not I have my definitions correct. I will add to this later and I will also give a review.