I Am Not Addicted to TV!!!!!


I am writing this because you asked for it!!! Before you judge me please read the entire post…there is a disclaimer at the end!!!

TV Shows I like:

Amazing Race
The Mentalist
Once Upon A Time

Dallas (ehhhh, sorta, maybe)
Hawaii 50
Housewives of Beverly Hills
Housewives of NYC
Vanderpump Rules (it’s a train wreck, but I watch)

Giuliana & Bill
Private Practice (not on anymore and I will miss it)

Chicago Fire

Real Housewives of Miami
Grey’s Anatomy
Person of Interest

Made in Jersey (canceled…I really liked it!!!)
Blue Bloods CBS 10pm record

Emily Owens, MD
Falling Skies
Rizzoli & Isles
Army Wives
Big Bang Theory
Covert Affairs
Mob Doctor (again canceled, but I loved it)
All housewives
Anything Kardashian
Rookie Blue
Royal Pains
Strike Back
College Basketball

Daily shows:
Live with Kelly and Michael
The View
The Talk
Access Hollywood Live at noon
Anderson Live

Okay, so I don’t actually SIT and WATCH each and every program!! I record them or watch them On Demand so that I can skip commercials. A 60 minute show is actually about 40 minutes.

HERE IS THE DISCLAIMER: Please know that I am retired, I do not have children to take care of. My time is my own!

There are so many worse things I could be doing!!!

Are there better things I could be doing? Maybe, but I do some good things to: work part time in the family business, take care of bookkeeping for 4 people, call Mom every day, see Mom 3 days a week…normal stuff that the “sandwich” generation does that the young generation has not encountered yet.

I am busier now than when I worked 40 hours a week. I am so busy I still have my housekeeper…who could clean house AND watch all that TV?!?

When It Comes to Reality TV Shows, I…

imagePlead the Fifth!!!

Three people live in my house. We have three TVs, three DVRs, three On Demand, XFinity with every channel available including the expanded sports package and the Brazilian Globo channel.

When I call Comcast their recording says, “Ahh, I see you are an XFinity Insider…one of our most valued customers!”.

Honestly, that’s what she says!!!! Clearly she knows how much our bill is each month!

I counted the shows I like (I have a list on my iPhone)…not counting sports or the RHOs, I have 36!

Now that the TV season is divided into three segments: Fall, Mid-winter and Summer there are more than ever.

Boy, we get our money’s worth!!

Did you know Survivor and The Amazing Race start again next week?

I Love the 🌑🌑🌑

If you read my blog (do you read my blog?), I hope I am not offending you…but I really love using 🌑🌑🌑s

I was an English major. I know about dangling participles (well, I used to).

I know all the punctuation marks. I know the appropriate places to put them. I see them when I read. If they are placed incorrectly my brain goes “tsk, tsk, tsk…that does not belong there!”.

But when I am writing…I love the dot, dot, dot.

So, please, don’t think less of me. I know the right way. I just choose my way…

What did you do Thursday?

My new friend, Anderson Cooper

My new friend, Anderson Cooper

I did this!!!! Okay, well, that didn’t come out right…I did make eye contact, he did shake my hand, he did say HI…so, yeah, I did that!!

Actually, I was a “tag-a-long”. Julie was an invited, miked, speaking, alone on camera with AC, audience member who was allowed to bring a friend…Moi!

I arrived at Julie’s house at 8:15 and re-met her delightful girls, Ellie and Eden (Evan was already at school). It was a pleasure to talk to them…they are so personable and comfortable chatting with an adult.

They never asked why Mommy has such an old friend!! They decided to call me Miss Kerry instead of Mrs. Kosky. Made me feel not so old!

So, girls dropped off at school and we are on our way to the New Haven train station. It’s cold!!

Only parking spaces left: on the ROOF of the parking garage…cold, windy…wind chill was probably minus, minus!!!!

Now starts the walk, walk, sit, sit, enjoy, run, run parts of the story.

We made the train, talked non-stop during the 1.5 hour ride. We easily found a cab. Boy, has NYC changed since I was here last: huge LED billboards and TV in cabs!?! Wow!

Arrived at CBS Broadcasting…walked right in…no lines for us…we are special!! We are escorted to a PRIVATE green room with Julie’s name on the door and turkey wraps just for us!

Then hair and makeup for Julie…only made a pretty girl prettier! Next Julie is miked and we wait. Then we are escorted to the studio and there he is: Julie’s TV BFF. He introduces himself to the invited audience guests and he includes ME!!! Julie and I are separated but I still had a great seat in the second row and I was able to see everything.

The guest was the woman who put her 7 year old daughter on a diet and told about it in a Vogue article. Julie has often taken a stand on body image, especially concerning children. The show contacted her because of her Enough campaign.

Anderson (he said we could call him Anderson) asked Julie for her opinion just before the break. She did great…then when they came back from break he asked her to continue. So she was able to really bring home her point. She did so well, people applauded!!!! I was so proud!!

Be sure to look for the broadcast of Anderson Live in your area on Tuesday, February 5th. Look for Julie in the purple sweater and long curly hair.

The show ran very long so it was time to run for a cab and run for the train…we made it!!! And we had a great time…I just hope if she invites me again, it is during warmer weather!!

Where’s my blog today?

imageI want to write about my fun day yesterday. I want to write for finish this sentence Friday. I want to be funny and creative and try to remember some of the “tips” Julie Chenell DeNeen told me yesterday BUT I can’t!!

It is 9:35am and I just rolled out of bed!! I did not sleep well (or at all) last night!! I am OLD…I cannot run for the cab or run for the train; but that is what I did yesterday and my legs and knees rebeled during the night. Cramps…awful, make you cry…Charlie horse cramps!

So today is being put in the Loss column…no blog about AC, NYC or Julie…tomorrow, promise.

It’s so cold…How cold is it?

Here is a direct quote from our Channel 8 weatherman:”Canada will be sending us an Arctic Blast that could last a week”!!


Hey, Canada?…..KEEP IT!!!

I live in Southern New England. Do you know what it is south of? Canada!
Do you know what Canada is south of? The North Pole! For heaven’s sake, Canada, close the door, eh?

It is frickin freezing!!

Ready to start the day

Ready to start the day


But, here in Southern New England, we know how to dress for this weather. Right? Really?

I am going out so I put on my granny panties, into which I tuck my cammie; over which I don a turtleneck, a sweatshirt, a scarf and a wool pea coat. Then jeans, Uggs, a hat, ear muffs, knit gloves, fleece gloves.

I step outside to a cold car (David is using the car with the remote starter because he leaves so early in the morning and I don’t leave the house until it has “warmed” up some).

I start to run some errands; the heat is finally pouring out of the vents. By the third stop I have removed the hat, ear muffs, fleece gloves. By the fourth stop I have shed the scarf and the wool coat.

However, my calves, knees and thighs are FREEZING! Everything from head to butt and ankle to toes is nice and warm but I am going to have frost bite on my legs in another five minutes!!

I have 4 layers of fleece or sheepskin on every part of my body, EXCEPT my legs! What kind of stupid is that?

Oh, NO, don’t tell me to buy flannel lined jeans…only skinny jeans fit inside boots!!