Celebrity Century – West Carib – Nov 2003
Celebrity Zenith – NYC to Bermuda – Aug 2004
Celebrity Zenith – NYC to Bermuda – April 2005
Celebrity Mercury -Seattle to Alaska – Aug 2005 (Captain’s Club Elite)
RCCI Sovereign – Bahamas – Dec 2005
Celebrity Zenith – Bermuda – May 2006
Celebrity Zenith – East Carib – Christmas 2006
Azamara Journey – Bermuda – May 2007
Celebrity Summit – Hawaii 15 night from LA – Dec 2007
NCL Dawn – Bermuda – May 2008
Celebrity Summit – San Juan to South Carib – March 2009
NCL Dawn – Bermuda – May 2009
NCL Sun – East Carib – March 2011 (1st solo sleeper cruise)
NCL Sun – 15 day Transatlantic to Copenhagen April 2011
NCL Sun – B2B East to West Carib – Nov 2011
NCL Jewel – 17 day Panama Canal – April-May 2012 (Latitudes Platinum)
NCL Sun – 21 day B2B– South Carib – Christmas/New Year 2012-2013

My review of the NCL Sun

This is my favorite ship, at this time.


I have been on a few ships and do, really, have a couple of favorites. However, I have chosen the Sun for now because I will be boarding again in December.

The Sun is considered a mid-sized ship. Not too big, not too small. For specifications you can go to I am going to review the “innards” of the Sun.

Each time I have been on the Sun I stayed in an inside cabin on deck 9, aft, (something I said I would never do)! The reason for that is: widowhood. When I cruised with my late husband he always treated to a balcony room or a suite. When I decided to “solo” cruise I realized I didn’t want to spend the money on the cabin that I could spend on excursions instead.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS…please check back soon