Who Am I?

I don’t know who I am yet…in just one word…I guess no one does…hopefully, we are all too complex to be described in one word. So I guess I should start listing the words that I think describe me. (I read part of my list to David and he pretty much disagreed)!

Gatekeeper – Yup, I am the sandwich generation:parent on one side, kids on the other

Widow – after 43 years of marriage

Retired – I worked most of my adult life at only 4 jobs…retired from last one after 24 years

Traveler – always loved to travel…my husband started traveling with me in 2000 and we logged a lot of miles and many cruises. Now I travel alone or with my sister-in-law or people I have met on cruises.

Outgoing Loner – I play well with others but am just as content being alone.

Warm climate lover – I have lived in CT most of my life but it is too cold here!

Cruiser – My favorite way to travel

Peacekeeper – The voice of reason

Gemini – Explains a lot!

Worrier – About everything (David’s suggestion)