Helping Elderly Parent

My Mom does not have Alzheimer’s, but she is 92. So we are dealing with memory loss; not just short term but many things that happened years ago are lost. Sometimes she will remember after discussing details for a few minutes; sometimes not. We are also dealing with the inability to reason and think things through.

For example, why am I telling her to use the eye drops with the pink cover? Who do I think I am, a doctor? No, Mom but your doctor did tell you to use them for 5 days after your injection. During the first round of injections she kept forgetting to use them. Now during the second round, when I ask if she is using them, she says: “Yes, of course. I’m not stupid”.

So here is the solution: Her GP told me to “pick my battles”. Okay, insist she follow my instructions if not doing so would result in injury or cause her to be unsafe. Otherwise, let it go!

My son and his wife gave me the very best advice: treat her the way you would treat a 92 year old woman who is NOT your mother.

Thank you, David and Sabrina. This REALLY works!!