Blizzard of 2013

February 8th thru February 9th the snow fell. It took almost a week to clean the roads!!

This is the worst winter I can remember…and I have been around a looong time!!!

If I never see snow again…I will be a happy person!!!

It’s so cold…How cold is it?

Here is a direct quote from our Channel 8 weatherman:”Canada will be sending us an Arctic Blast that could last a week”!!


Hey, Canada?…..KEEP IT!!!

I live in Southern New England. Do you know what it is south of? Canada!
Do you know what Canada is south of? The North Pole! For heaven’s sake, Canada, close the door, eh?

It is frickin freezing!!

Ready to start the day

Ready to start the day


But, here in Southern New England, we know how to dress for this weather. Right? Really?

I am going out so I put on my granny panties, into which I tuck my cammie; over which I don a turtleneck, a sweatshirt, a scarf and a wool pea coat. Then jeans, Uggs, a hat, ear muffs, knit gloves, fleece gloves.

I step outside to a cold car (David is using the car with the remote starter because he leaves so early in the morning and I don’t leave the house until it has “warmed” up some).

I start to run some errands; the heat is finally pouring out of the vents. By the third stop I have removed the hat, ear muffs, fleece gloves. By the fourth stop I have shed the scarf and the wool coat.

However, my calves, knees and thighs are FREEZING! Everything from head to butt and ankle to toes is nice and warm but I am going to have frost bite on my legs in another five minutes!!

I have 4 layers of fleece or sheepskin on every part of my body, EXCEPT my legs! What kind of stupid is that?

Oh, NO, don’t tell me to buy flannel lined jeans…only skinny jeans fit inside boots!!