I am so Irish….

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Seriously, I am so Irish, Ireland named a county after me! Oh, no, wait…the other way around!!!

Aaaaaneeeway, for most of my life I refused to wear green on this day. I saw no reason. My Irish is on the inside and in my name every day…I don’t think I need to advertise it one day a year. Anyone who is Irish knows I am truly Irish because my name is spelled correctly!!

Well, I changed my practice a few years ago…we went to Ireland and I found this:

Bought this in Dublin

Bought this in Dublin

How could I resist?!?

Downton Abbey

imageI held out for a long time…3 seasons!! Then, what happened?

1. It appeared on On Demand
2. My son found it
3. My son liked it
4. He pestered me about how good it was

Why had I not watched it yet?

1. I don’t like period pieces…I keep rummaging around in my memory for history points…”is that statement true…did that really happen.”
2. I don’t like the British accent…sorry, I know that is not PC…but I also don’t like Valley Girl talk or up-speak and I abhor the word “like”…so forgive me or not, it is still a reason!
3. I have given up most PBS shows. They no longer bring us UConn women’s basketball!
4. I have too many other shows to keep up with.

And then, it happened!!

Another damn snowstorm!!!

I had watched all my DVR’d shows so I went to On Demand…and there it was…it’s own category right on the front page! Ok, let’s see how awful the first episode is…

To Be Continued!!!

Plans For 2013

Things I Want To Do in 2013

1. Buy a condo in Florida🌴
2. Decorate condo with beach theme 🐚
3. Sit on my lanai while a blizzard hits New England (sorry) β›„
4. Visit Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge 🐦
5. Volunteer for Hospice πŸ’•
6. Go to another Bon Jovi concert 🎸
7. Everglades tour in air boat 🐊
8. Go to the opera 🎢
9. See Swan Lake 🎭
10. Make Strawberry 2 Ingredient Fudge πŸ“
11. Write more blogs πŸ“
12. Plant flowers that bloom in Winter 🌺
13. Wear makeup more often πŸ’„
14. Wear more stylish clothes πŸ‘’πŸ‘’
15. Change my hairstyle βœ‚
16. Drink more wine 🍷
17. Eat more watermelon πŸ‰
18. Go to an NFL game in Florida and root for the visiting team 🏈
19. Watch the Red Sox in Spring training ⚾
20. Go to Paris πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

If I accomplish all or most of the items on my list?….I will be one happy person!!

I Am Not Addicted to TV!!!!!


I am writing this because you asked for it!!! Before you judge me please read the entire post…there is a disclaimer at the end!!!

TV Shows I like:

Amazing Race
The Mentalist
Once Upon A Time

Dallas (ehhhh, sorta, maybe)
Hawaii 50
Housewives of Beverly Hills
Housewives of NYC
Vanderpump Rules (it’s a train wreck, but I watch)

Giuliana & Bill
Private Practice (not on anymore and I will miss it)

Chicago Fire

Real Housewives of Miami
Grey’s Anatomy
Person of Interest

Made in Jersey (canceled…I really liked it!!!)
Blue Bloods CBS 10pm record

Emily Owens, MD
Falling Skies
Rizzoli & Isles
Army Wives
Big Bang Theory
Covert Affairs
Mob Doctor (again canceled, but I loved it)
All housewives
Anything Kardashian
Rookie Blue
Royal Pains
Strike Back
College Basketball

Daily shows:
Live with Kelly and Michael
The View
The Talk
Access Hollywood Live at noon
Anderson Live

Okay, so I don’t actually SIT and WATCH each and every program!! I record them or watch them On Demand so that I can skip commercials. A 60 minute show is actually about 40 minutes.

HERE IS THE DISCLAIMER: Please know that I am retired, I do not have children to take care of. My time is my own!

There are so many worse things I could be doing!!!

Are there better things I could be doing? Maybe, but I do some good things to: work part time in the family business, take care of bookkeeping for 4 people, call Mom every day, see Mom 3 days a week…normal stuff that the “sandwich” generation does that the young generation has not encountered yet.

I am busier now than when I worked 40 hours a week. I am so busy I still have my housekeeper…who could clean house AND watch all that TV?!?

When It Comes to Reality TV Shows, I…

imagePlead the Fifth!!!

Three people live in my house. We have three TVs, three DVRs, three On Demand, XFinity with every channel available including the expanded sports package and the Brazilian Globo channel.

When I call Comcast their recording says, “Ahh, I see you are an XFinity Insider…one of our most valued customers!”.

Honestly, that’s what she says!!!! Clearly she knows how much our bill is each month!

I counted the shows I like (I have a list on my iPhone)…not counting sports or the RHOs, I have 36!

Now that the TV season is divided into three segments: Fall, Mid-winter and Summer there are more than ever.

Boy, we get our money’s worth!!

Did you know Survivor and The Amazing Race start again next week?