Moderno Brazilian Restaurant

This is a photograph of Moderno, the Brazilian restaurant on the NCL Sun.

The restaurant is called a churrascaria (pronounced shoe-haas-kaa-reea).  It is a restaurant style that serves churrasco. Rodízio (pronounced hoe-geez-eo) is the style of a waiter taking meats on a skewer around to the tables.

I’m really didn’t mean to publish this post so quickly. I have to go back tonight and check with Sabrina on whether or not I have my definitions correct. I will add to this later and I will also give a review.

Christmas Dinner 2011

Since I went on a cruise in November 2011 I was not traveling over Christmas. We decided to have dinner at Foxwoods. I made a reservation at David Burke Prime; thinking that it would be their Sunday buffet. When we arrived we found out that even though it was Sunday they were serving a special Holiday menu and not the buffet. I was disappointed…for about the 5 minutes it took me to peruse the menu. Wow!!