Friday, October 26, 2012

Talk about hurricane Sandy coming up the East Coast..crap-we don’t need another storm.  One every ten years is enough!!!

The National Weather Service has issued a hurricane watch for the East Coast.  It is called Sandy.  It is also being called ‘Frankenstorm’.  They are predicting it will be much worse than last year’s hurricane Irene.  Irene had winds of 70mph.  Sandy is predicted to have winds of 105mph.  Many homes at Westbrook’s Pilot’s Point were damaged so severely the owners are still not back in them.
Today, Tony, our condo maintenance manager, was driving around handing out a paper from the management company telling us to tie deck furniture down, turn off the heat pump and prepare to evacuate when told.  Today is Friday and the storm is predicted to arrive in Old Saybrook on Monday, Oct 29.
I was not nervous last year but I didn’t really know what to expect.  This time they are comparing the two storms and I am really nervous.  Last year David and Sabrina left for the shelter at the high school around noon and I chose to stay home.  I watched the marsh turn to a river running through our backyard.  I don’t think I will do that this year.  I think I will pack a bag and go.  Last year the power was out for six days.  D&S stayed but I went to Mystic Inn for three nights.  I just could not cope with the lose of electricity!
It may cost a lot but Rosemary and Sage has a generator so I am pretty sure they will be serving.  That is comforting!
Last year my Mother’s apartment complex was out of power for only one day and during that time they took care of each other at the clubhouse.
I am really upset with the weather reports coming in at 5pm.  It sounds so bad!  I called Allstate.  We are totally covered for all cars and possessions!!