This is what I do when I am bored:

Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation

Being bored can be very expensive!! My mind immediately goes to: Get me outta here!!!

Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun

My preferred “getting outta here” place is on a cruise ship…see what I mean about expensive? However, since I have spent so much time researching “outta here” places, I have found a cruise to be the most bang-for-your-buck escape.

Money can be saved by cruising from a port close to home…mine is New York or New Jersey. That should save me money…right? Nope…I never wanted to drive and park so I always took a limo…yeah, not cheap!

Aaaanneeeway, it is still cheaper than flying to a resort, even the all inclusive ones.

The other way to become “unbored” is EAT!!!


14 thoughts on “This is what I do when I am bored:

  1. OOOH, I’ve never been on a cruise but have traveled a lot. Now I really want to go on a cruise! And I’m hungry. That lobster looks delicious.

    • If you ever have any questions about cruising let me know. I have been on 16 cruises (not really a lot in the cruising world) but enough to have some opinions!! Hehe I have opinions on everything!!
      The lobster was great…we were at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut. Thanks for reading my block…I am on my way to yours.

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