Downton Abbey

imageI held out for a long time…3 seasons!! Then, what happened?

1. It appeared on On Demand
2. My son found it
3. My son liked it
4. He pestered me about how good it was

Why had I not watched it yet?

1. I don’t like period pieces…I keep rummaging around in my memory for history points…”is that statement true…did that really happen.”
2. I don’t like the British accent…sorry, I know that is not PC…but I also don’t like Valley Girl talk or up-speak and I abhor the word “like”…so forgive me or not, it is still a reason!
3. I have given up most PBS shows. They no longer bring us UConn women’s basketball!
4. I have too many other shows to keep up with.

And then, it happened!!

Another damn snowstorm!!!

I had watched all my DVR’d shows so I went to On Demand…and there it was…it’s own category right on the front page! Ok, let’s see how awful the first episode is…

To Be Continued!!!


8 thoughts on “Downton Abbey

  1. So, (in a British accent) your a wee bit upset that you like this show are you? Well, stiff upper lip and all…. cheers and have a spot of tea now. Now tell’em about that other great show, The Americans!!!!

  2. I recently started watching it too! I held out and couldn’t stand hearing everyone talk about the show anymore. So…I downloaded it on iTunes and have been watching it on my iPad at night. I’m into Season 2 and I love it!

  3. You have to give it at least five episodes Kerry. I wasn’t sold after the first episode, but by episode 4 – I was hooked. My mom got hooked too and stayed up until 3am watching the whole season in a night!

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