This is what I do when I am bored:

Make a Reservation

Make a Reservation

Being bored can be very expensive!! My mind immediately goes to: Get me outta here!!!

Norwegian Sun

Norwegian Sun

My preferred “getting outta here” place is on a cruise ship…see what I mean about expensive? However, since I have spent so much time researching “outta here” places, I have found a cruise to be the most bang-for-your-buck escape.

Money can be saved by cruising from a port close to home…mine is New York or New Jersey. That should save me money…right? Nope…I never wanted to drive and park so I always took a limo…yeah, not cheap!

Aaaanneeeway, it is still cheaper than flying to a resort, even the all inclusive ones.

The other way to become “unbored” is EAT!!!

I am so Irish….

Happy St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Seriously, I am so Irish, Ireland named a county after me! Oh, no, wait…the other way around!!!

Aaaaaneeeway, for most of my life I refused to wear green on this day. I saw no reason. My Irish is on the inside and in my name every day…I don’t think I need to advertise it one day a year. Anyone who is Irish knows I am truly Irish because my name is spelled correctly!!

Well, I changed my practice a few years ago…we went to Ireland and I found this:

Bought this in Dublin

Bought this in Dublin

How could I resist?!?

Downton Abbey

imageI held out for a long time…3 seasons!! Then, what happened?

1. It appeared on On Demand
2. My son found it
3. My son liked it
4. He pestered me about how good it was

Why had I not watched it yet?

1. I don’t like period pieces…I keep rummaging around in my memory for history points…”is that statement true…did that really happen.”
2. I don’t like the British accent…sorry, I know that is not PC…but I also don’t like Valley Girl talk or up-speak and I abhor the word “like”…so forgive me or not, it is still a reason!
3. I have given up most PBS shows. They no longer bring us UConn women’s basketball!
4. I have too many other shows to keep up with.

And then, it happened!!

Another damn snowstorm!!!

I had watched all my DVR’d shows so I went to On Demand…and there it was…it’s own category right on the front page! Ok, let’s see how awful the first episode is…

To Be Continued!!!

What I Think of Social Media?

I haven’t posted much these past weeks. I “suffer” from S.A.D. Seasonal Affected Disorder.

I have been moody, cranky, down, sad, anxious, nervous and frustrated.
Here comes the whine: The moody, cranky, down and sad comes directly from the gray, cold, snirty weather. Stupid me, I waited a year too long to finally decide to get out of this burg.

The anxious, nervous and frustrated come from finally deciding to get out of this burg!!!

Lack of sleep, with RLS adding to my anxiety, and pain from a knee that should be replaced, has me up at 4am doing a blog!!!

How does this play in to my feelings on social media…well, IMHO, the only thing worse than Twitter is Pinterest!

Let’s look at Twitter: here’s one
Jane Doe @Jane Doe
@kerrykosky chgd sks, rd ystdy, grn tdy #fleecysocks

Huh? 1. Did you say you changed your socks? Am I supposed to care? I am surprised you didn’t tell me you pooped today!! And where did you learn to spell? Why bother to teach English anymore. Clearly a new and alien language has been developed! Why bother to teach little kids the alphabet…obviously they will have no use for vowels.

I am too old to learn a new language…especially one as dumb as that!!! IMHO

2. I am NOT @kerrykosky. I AM Kerry Kosky.

3. The symbol # is NOT a “hash tag”!!! It is a pound sign…used to order meat and cheese and it is the button on the phone that you push after you enter your prescription number or your credit card number!!!
AND # does NOT belong in a Facebook post!!!!!

And as for Pinterest…I set up an account and discovered I can only “pin” other people’s photos to my boards. Sorry but I have some pretty nice photos I would like to pin but that option is not allowed on my sidebar. And my screen is nothing like the screens shown in tutorials!!

So, even though I have a Twitter and Pinterest account, don’t look for me there…I will never be back.

Here is where you can find me:

1. I have a very nice Facebook page.
2. You can comment on it or message me or IM me.
3. I have an email address that is noted on my FB page…I check my email several times a day.
4. I have a cell phone…you may text me or call me.
5. Last I heard the post office is still open…you can find my mailing address on

Just saying!!!

Plans For 2013

Things I Want To Do in 2013

1. Buy a condo in Florida🌴
2. Decorate condo with beach theme 🐚
3. Sit on my lanai while a blizzard hits New England (sorry) β›„
4. Visit Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge 🐦
5. Volunteer for Hospice πŸ’•
6. Go to another Bon Jovi concert 🎸
7. Everglades tour in air boat 🐊
8. Go to the opera 🎢
9. See Swan Lake 🎭
10. Make Strawberry 2 Ingredient Fudge πŸ“
11. Write more blogs πŸ“
12. Plant flowers that bloom in Winter 🌺
13. Wear makeup more often πŸ’„
14. Wear more stylish clothes πŸ‘’πŸ‘’
15. Change my hairstyle βœ‚
16. Drink more wine 🍷
17. Eat more watermelon πŸ‰
18. Go to an NFL game in Florida and root for the visiting team 🏈
19. Watch the Red Sox in Spring training ⚾
20. Go to Paris πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

If I accomplish all or most of the items on my list?….I will be one happy person!!

Blizzard of 2013

February 8th thru February 9th the snow fell. It took almost a week to clean the roads!!

This is the worst winter I can remember…and I have been around a looong time!!!

If I never see snow again…I will be a happy person!!!